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Kofax Transformation Modules help businesses and government agencies get more out of their workflow, transaction, CRM and decision-support applications by automating data entry, document routing and categorization for unstructured documents, whether paper-based or electronic.

More than 85 percent of all enterprise data is unstructured so the location of the salient information cannot be easily predicted. Traditional capture technology can handle very little of this data and only a little more of semi-structured and structured documents such as forms. Companies spend billions yearly to manually structure this information so they can use it. Indicius eliminates this costly process by enabling businesses to automatically process documents that have little or no structure.

Key Features

  • Pattern recognition techniques that can process huge volumes of text data on low-end, inexpensive hardware. Humans can classify 20 to 100 documents per hour. Indicius can classify 20 to 100 documents per second.
  • Unlike many natural language processing approaches, Indicius’s pattern recognition software doesn’t rely on understanding each language.
  • Accuracy ranges from the mid-60 percent to the high-90 percent range, depending on the type of document. According to Gartner, a classifier which achieves 60-percent accuracy justifies the cost of installing and maintaining the system.
  • Scalable to grow with your enterprise.

Key Benefits

  • Average labor reduction of 50% by automating document preparation.
  • The highest read rates of any product of this type.
  • Batches of multi-page documents can be scanned without separator sheets.
  • Documents can be routed to the correct target business process or workflow queue without the need for pre-sorting, reducing document handling time and costs.
  • Data can be captured from every document, dramatically reducing the need for manual re-keying and enabling powerful search for captured information.

Technical Overview

Kofax Transformation Modules let you select the specific features to help solve your business need:

Recognition: Automatically classifies documents by type/content and extracts printed or handwritten data from scanned or faxed document images.

Separation: Automatically separates multi-page documents, saving significant time and cost in scanning preparation.

Correction: Allows data recognized with low confidence to be reviewed by an operator with minimal effort.

Document Review: Allows rapid review of documents where the classification or separation results are uncertain, or where the batch structure does not follow business rules.
Completion: Provides a flexible interface for validation of recognized data against business rules.

Scripted Export: Formats the output data stream to suit the target application, with the option of creating multiple streams in parallel. Stats Reporter: Generates recognition and keying performance information for system monitoring.

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